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Drag and drop spam training

Graham Ashton sent me news of the first release of Spam Trainer, a Mono/Gtk# based application for training spam filters by drag and drop. You train it by dropping messages from mail clients onto either a "ham" or "spam" drop target in its window. The program then takes care of running the training program.

Spam Trainer screenshot

This is a very nice little app, and fits how I already do spam filter training. I use crm114 for my last defences of spam catching, and regularly drag and drop messages from Evolution into Nautilus training folders, then have a cron job do the training. One suggestion I'd make for its improvement is to consider making it into a panel applet, so the drop targets are always easily available.

The other thing that makes Spam Trainer sweet is that its author told me it probably wouldn't be around if it wasn't for Mono: A Developer's Notebook. That's particularly nice to know. It's great to hear back from readers not just with kind words, but with code!

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