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Buys, Debian, OSCON

I've been pleased this week with the new wireless ADSL modem that we installed in the office, a Draytek Vigor 2600Gi. It has 802.11g wireless, the usual ADSL firewall stuff, and VPN facilities. We're still ironing out one or two weird bugs (the DHCP doesn't seem to work if you're running WPA on the wireless), but by and large the experience has been positive.

Last night I successfully set up Ubuntu hoary to access the VPN remotely. Hoary has the mppe patches for PPTP VPN access in by default, which overcomes a major stumbling block for Linux VPN access. The configuration was still a little troublesome though. A decent VPN setup program is something that GNOME needs if it's to be useful in many corporate settings. The pptpclient project has the beginnings of one, but it's not very polished.

I'm starting to get my head around the problems of the Windows computers in the office, and figure out how we might eventually get away towards a Linux desktop solution. One of the major blocks seems to be the ACT! CRM system.

Waterfield Cargo bag

The second new arrival of the week was my new Waterfield Cargo bag. A friend had been talking about these for some time, and finally convinced me on the grounds he'd had his in use for six years with no stains or rips.

I was very impressed when the bag arrived. It is very solidly constructed. Just looking at the bags on the web site does not do them justice by any means. Waterfield's customer service was also very efficient and friendly.

Debian updates

My friend Dave Beckett has finally become a Debian developer, after the usual long wait. This is great news. As well as his RDF toolkit, Redland, Dave's been active in packaging Cairo and Muine for Debian. Now he won't have to depend on my scarce spare time for sponsoring his packages in.

I've uploaded the most recent version of the BlueZ libraries and utilities to Debian unstable today. It rolls up several upstream versions that I didn't upload to the archive, but doesn't have any major functionality additions.

Hopefully this week I'll be able to give some time to GNOME Bluetooth work. I made a good start a couple of weeks ago, until I was overtaken by a metric shedload of other work. Of particular interest is that Bastien Nocera is working on a patch to make Phone Manager use gnokki rather than libgsm. Our hope is that this will increase the number of phones it is compatible with, and Nokia phones in particular.

I've just ordered myself a Nokia 7610 so I'll have something to test against.


The O'Reilly Open Source Conference call for participation is still open, but closes in a week's time. Submissions are due by February 13th.

I'm part of the program committee, focusing in particular on Linux. Right now, there aren't many submissions. So consider this a reminder to hurry up and submit your proposals now!

Together with my Mono ADN co-author Niel, I'm proposing a Mono Bootcamp tutorial for the conference. If you'd attend such a thing, why not let us know the most important things you'd like to learn. We're planning to follow the outline and topics in the book, but incorporate some of the new stuff in Mono 1.2.

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