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XTech 2005 schedule published

Run, don't walk, to the programme for XTech 2005, the most unmissable tech conference this year.

We have excellent speakers and subjects from XML, web applications, browser technologies and open data. Here's just a taste: Mike Kay on XSLT and XQuery. Ben Goodger on Mozilla and XUL. Tom Loosemore on activism and public data, and Uche Ogbuji on Python and XML.

I'm incredibly happy with the high standard of speakers and submissions for this year's conference. Plenty of proposals of excellent quality didn't make the cut: we had easily enough for a five day show!

Right now the call is still open for those exclusive late-breaking slots. Among other things, I'm holding out for decent talks on corporate blogging, personal data management (to go with Jon Trowbridge's Beagle talk), and rich internet application platforms (anyone from Google Maps will be most welcome).

24-27 May 2005, Amsterdam.

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