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XTech Conference
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XTech 2005: one week to go

In under seven days I'll be arriving in Amsterdam for the start of XTech 2005.

I've never been as excited--or as nervous--about this conference before. Through both judgement and luck we're right on top of some of the most timely topics on the web right now. I promise you that nowhere will you find a more Ajax-enabled, E4X-toting, RSS-syndicated, ontologically-superior, SKOSsified, semantic web future-compliant conference. Really.

Some highlights I've not mentioned before include:

  • Tom Loosemore, one of the architects of the just-released BBC Backstage, talking about a just do it philosophy for repurposing public data.
  • Novell's Robert Callahan is going to make us run, not walk, to the future of the Firefox browser, introducing its integrated SVG abilities and the new canvas element.
  • Paul Prescod will explain how to join the creative chaos of a wiki with the semantic structure of XML documents.
  • The conference is being co-hosted by the Mozilla Foundation. There are loads of Mozilla developers coming, and there'll be lots of browser buzz.

Are you coming?

If you'll be at XTech, please sign in on the wiki. It's the first year we're trying the wiki out as conference support, so feel free to experiment with making the best of it.

If you'll be blogging from the conference, then check out the instructions to bloggers for the tags to use to join in the community coverage.

And if you're not yet scheduled to come, book those tickets now! You can register in person at the conference.

Remixing the schedule

I've updated the XML schedule with the final talk details. Anybody who is remixing this data should refresh any copies they've made of this file.

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