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Back from XTech

What a week. From my immodest point of view, XTech 2005 was pretty much the best conference I've ever chaired.

A massive army of people have helped make it what it was: the programme committee, the reviewers, the proposal submitters, speakers, session chairs and of course the attendees. To them, I am exceedingly grateful. Everything came together so well. Pretty much the only complaint I heard was that people wanted to be in two talks at once!

I'll be writing about some of the issues raised during the conference as the week goes on. I spent most of my time bouncing between the two new tracks, Open Data and Browser Technology.

I was very pleased with how Planet XTech has turned out. As the conference progressed, people got the hang of using blogging, del.icio.us and Flickr to contribute to the stream of coverage. It's also been a handy way to check up on post-conference comments.

And now to next year. I'm 99% certain we'll be back in Amsterdam, which was a great venue for the conference. Next steps this week will be to assemble a programme committee for next year, and go hunting for keynotes and sponsors.

(My top aim for next year is to find a sponsor for the wireless connectivity. This year we deployed "guerrilla" access points; something we're highly unlikely to get away with doing again. For some reason, venues like to place a very high price on the internet access. Any advice welcome!)

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