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Announcing Daily Chump 2.0

At long last I've got round to releasing version 2.0 of the Daily Chump bot. This is a program that sits on an IRC channel, listens out for URLs mentioned, and lets the users of the channel create a weblog. A long time ago, I wrote an article explaining how it works: Running a weblog from IRC.

One of the most long-standing weblogs created using the software is that of the Semantic Web Interest Group.

Highlights of the new version include:

  • Switch to using Twisted for the network framework
  • Built-in web server to serve the weblog (requires Quixote)
  • Can ping a URL to notify changes (this can be used, for instance, to effect real-time indexing of the weblog)
  • Web page chat form to make the bot deliver notifications to channel users
  • Not a new feature, but mentioned for "Web 2.0" compliance: ability to tag URLs in the style of del.icio.us.

Download it here: chump-2.0.tar.gz.

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