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Three things I would be doing if we had Thanksgiving in the UK

Working as much with the US as with the UK, Thanksgiving is always a noticeable holiday for me, even if I still have to work. If I had the luxury of the holiday this year, I'd be

  1. Staying up all night to follow The Ashes. Sporting competitions founded in the 1880s don't have much regard for television and radio audience hours, alas.
  2. Going to evensong at York Minster. The intimate and historic choir is an amazing experience at this time of year, as the candles take over from the weak winter sun.
  3. Encouraging people to use the holiday to prepare their submissions for XTech 2007. Springtime in Paris and top technology seems like something to look forward to.

As it happens, I'll do No. 3 anyway and reluctantly miss out on the others. Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and colleagues in the US.

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