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What I make

a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Dublin and San Francisco

About to go off travelling again.

Next week is of course XTech 2008, so I'll be in Dublin with some of the smartest people working in web technology today. The schedule looks fantastic, and we've still got proposals coming in for the Lightning Talks, which promise to be highly entertaining and informative.

If you didn't yet book, don't worry that you missed the online registration deadline, you can still register on-site.

Where 2.0

After XTech, it's straight to San Francisco (well, Burlingame) for the O'Reilly Where 2.0 conference. Although I'm interested in the conference, my main reason for going is that we're launching a new addition to our onsite check-in system: magnetic stripe conference badges.

Here's a proof image of my badge.

Badge proof for Where 2.0

I've really enjoyed working with making badges: every so often as a software person, you get to write something that creates a physical artefact. I guess this is one reason Arduino is so popular.

It's also been interesting as we're working entirely within Linux. Specialized hardware like badge printers tends to be primarily aimed at Windows machines. Happily, the Evolis range of printers has CUPS drivers too.

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