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Improvements to the DOAP schema

I'm happy to announce some enhancements to the Description of a Project (DOAP) vocabulary.

DOAP is an RDF schema for describing software projects, and has found widespread use in recent years, including in the GNOME and Apache projects.

This release incorporates the following changes.

  • Support for new version control systems: Git, Bazaar, Darcs and Mercurial are all now supported.
  • Support for software-as-a-service: the new doap:service-endpoint property allows web services to be referenced.
  • Say what you do: the new doap:implements property enables description of conformance to APIs, standards, legal requirements or other specifications. The doap:Specification class is available to contain descriptions of these specifications.
  • More people-focused: doap:audience can be used to describe target audience; vendors (free or commercial) can be specified with doap:vendor, and doap:language lets you specify which human languages the software is translated into.
  • Planet Blog: the new doap:blog property will enable, among other things, automatic generation of "planet" blog aggregation sites from software descriptions.
  • Platform: the new doap:platform property is intended to specify non-OS-specific platforms that a software project supports, e.g. Java, ECMA CLR, Firefox, Flash.

The DOAP schema can be downloaded from its namespace URI http://usefulinc.com/ns/doap#. The project wiki, source repository and bug tracker is available from the DOAP Trac page.

My thanks to all the members of the doap-interest mailing list for their feedback and contribution.

Getting involved

The DOAP project always welcomes contributions. Do announce your software to the mailing list, and list it on the wiki. Translators are also very welcome, as DOAP's localization is yet in its infancy.

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