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Edd on Rails

This Wednesday I'm heading out to Chicago to visit RailsConf. The full schedule has now been posted, and it looks like a pretty absorbing affair.

It amuses me that US-based conferences often have evening sessions timetabled. In Europe, I've always preferred to leave evenings empty so people can eat, drink and socialise. But in big city hotel-land, I can understand the appeal of timetabling more of the day.

Here's a selection of the talks I'm most interested in hearing: Internationalizing Rails (almost the number one question we got asked about Rails when we taught our tutorial at XTech), anything related to testing, Rails Application Optimization Techniques and Tools, Rails Deployment. Oh, and some guy's talking about his work at the BBC.

I've just finished writing an article for IBM developerWorks introducing Rails to DB2 users. (I had surprisingly little problem getting DB2 up and running in a matter of minutes on my Ubuntu box.) IBM's DB2 integration for Rails is a great development, and it's nice to see them pushing forward with Rails as a platform. I'm hoping they'll post the article up before RailsConf starts.

Given a bit more hacking time, I'll be intrigued to see how DB2's XML support can play with Rails.

I'll be staying at the conference hotel, and am very interested in meeting up with anyone building Rails apps of a decent scale, or looking for a project to work on. Do drop me an email.

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