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Articles tagged with 'rails'

Learning Rails

I'm pleased to announce the release of Learning Rails, and its companion web site, Excursions on Rails

RailsConf, remotely

I couldn't make it to RailsConf this year, but have been playing my part from afar.

Telling stories with RSpec

Using RSpec's Story runner to describe integration testing for Rails applications.

Edd 10.5 release notes

The guilty catch-up obligatory before continuing to blog further.

Collecting minimal user information

Asking for too much information from users is a barrier to participation. So, we invented a way to make sure that users only get asked for as much as we need to know.

Jeni Tennison on women in computing

A thoughtful and interesting piece on the gender gap in computing.

Why Bazaar rocks, and the highs and lows of its use with Rails

Mark Shuttleworth writes about the importance of merging in version control systems.

Really really getting the testing religion

A short explanation of how I can't live without tests any longer.

A deployment pattern for Rails and bzr

An explanation of the way I use Rails and bzr for efficient deployment.

Rails deployment tip for Debian systems and Apache

A little Capistrano rule that helps keep all your configuration in one place when using Rails with Apache and Ubuntu or Debian.

Load-balancing Mongrel with Apache 2.0

If you're not ready to run Apache 2.2, you can still load balance Rails Mongrel servers using Apache 2.0's mod_rewrite module.

Illustrated Rails, smart folks and publication

Snippets from the RailsConf pre-conference day. Smart people and some half-baked ideas.

Edd on Rails

I'm headed out to RailsConf this Wednesday.

Give me books, twice

The point of PDF books isn't to throw away the paper ones, it's to get them delivered faster.

Catching up

I've been on blogging hiatus for a long time, but here's some updates as to what I've been doing. XTech, MacBook, Debian, Rails.

XTech schedule coming soon

I've just finished the initial selection of talks for XTech, we'll be publishing the full schedule in about a week's time.

Places I'll be: Carson Summit, XTech, RailsConf

Pointers to some tech conferences I'll be attending in the near future.

Why Rails?

When I moved my blog to Rails from Zope, I was asked why. This is a brief explanation.

Rails, Bazaar and SwitchTower

A module for SwitchTower so you can deploy your Rails applications using Bazaar.

A clean sweep

A new weblog engine, a new design and a few new locations for things.

On Rails, conferences and execution

A roundup comment on open source tech matters from this month.
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