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XTech Conference
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Articles posted in 2005/02

The mysterious case of the missing download

An update with the solution to my Internet Explorer woes.

A general purpose XML indexer for dotLucene

Announcing the release of a general indexer for XML files, based on dotLucene.

Not so sure I like the real world

A complaint about how Internet Explorer has made me miserable.

XTech 2005 schedule published

I am completely and utterly excited to announce the schedule for this year's XTech conference.

Choosing XML or RDF

Why I chose to use RDF over XML for making the DOAP vocabulary

And now, in Turkish

In which your correspondent is interviewed in Turkish and continues his adventures with XSL-FO and SVG

OpenVPN's popularity

Thanks to everyone who wrote telling me about OpenVPN, but I already use it and it wasn't possible to deploy in my most recent situation.

Urgently required: easy Linux IPSec support

IPSec on Linux sucks. Sorry, but it's true. Make it easy, please.

XTech keynotes lined up

BBC, Mozilla and Microsoft. Who could want for more?

Buys, Debian, OSCON

Buys, Debian, OSCON

Make nice URLs

A well structured URL says a lot about your web site.
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