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Articles tagged with 'xml'

Badges, blogging and bragging

Back from my travels, it's time for a few updates. I've mostly blogged about these elsewhere, so I'll just give some pointers here.

Prince: from HTML and CSS to PDF

The Prince processor shows that CSS is good enough for print formatting as well as the web.

James Clark joins Planet XMLhack

I added James Clark to Planet XMLhack's array of bloggers.

Afraid of the POX?

Wondering why web application writers are so reluctant to provide plain XML outputs of their data.

New release of XmlIndexer search server

A bug-fixed version of my Mono-based XML search server.

Planet XMLhack updated

A long overdue bit of housekeeping on Planet XML.

XTech schedule coming soon

I've just finished the initial selection of talks for XTech, we'll be publishing the full schedule in about a week's time.

Google web authoring stats: less spin please

The Google web authoring statistics are interesting and valuable, but they ought to be presented in a more neutral fashion.

Lovely DITA, DocBook fades?

With gross apologies for the punning title, I have a brief look at the rise and rise of DITA as seen through proposals to the XTech Applications track.

On the internet, everyone can see your underpants

Reflections on the disappointment with Apple's recent use of RSS.

Trends in core XML and RDF technologies

A review of the predominant topics submitted to the Core Technologies track for XTech 2006.
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