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Articles posted in 2004/01

Orkut should support blogs

Social networking site Orkut should let you link your blogs in via RSS and give others the chance to see what you're writing.

Mono Bluetooth bindings

Some late night inspiration got me started writing the Mono bindings for my GNOME Bluetooth project.

The making of Planet RDF

A promotional toot about the article I wrote for IBM developerWorks about Planet RDF. Read it!

I'm in heaven

Plans are afoot to bring the GNOME desktop and semantic web technology together. I can hardly control my excitement!

Practical Perl

When you've got a lot of diverse and cranky data to integrate, you really can't beat Perl as the best tool for the job.

Distraction therapy

An update on my miscellaneous hacking activities this week: getting DocBook XML registered in the catalog on Debian, and various Bluetooth related developments.

Planet fun

We're having lots of fun with weblog aggregators: including the interoperation between Planet GNOME and Planet RDF codebases.

Bug me back

A wish for better interoperability between bug tracking systems, with the suggestion that an XML or RDF vocabulary for bug reports might be part of the solution.

The changing face of XML

Reflections on the changing nature of the XML world, prompted by submissions made to the XML Europe 2004 conference.

Planet planet

Announcing the launch of Planet RDF, an aggregator for the weblogs of semantic web hackers.

That sigh in full

The full text of an email I wrote to Jon Udell in response to him quizzing my reaction to his weblog article on FOAF from 5 January, 2004.

Grasping the OBEX nettle

An account of Friday's work on hacking GNOME Bluetooth support.

Gadget lust for 2004

A few bits of kit I want to buy.
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